Warranty T&C

Warranty will continue to be valid for a period of 12 months provided the following warranty conditions are observed.

If the product fails to meet these requirements, we will replace the defective part or parts or equivalent product to the discretion of GTS Tyre Equipment. Warranty is valid for 12 months on electric and pneumatic parts from date of invoice.

To make a warranty claim, the faulty part is to be returned to GTS Tyre Equipment accompanied by a copy of the original purchase invoice and detailed explanation of fault. Warranty claims will only be acknowledged if made in writing.

Warranty Conditions

  1. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase.
  2. This warranty is given for the benefit of the first owner only and claims by parties other than the original purchaser will not be recognized, as the warranty is not transferable.
  3. This warranty is only valid when the product has used in accordance with the Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Instruction Manual and by a competent person trained in its use.
  4. This warranty does not apply to damage or deterioration, which is caused by any of the following:
    1. Impact or contact with objects or substances which fall or are precipitated onto or are applied to or are in any way brought into proximity with the products as a result of direct or indirect human intervention.
    2. Deliberate or careless acts or omissions on your part or on the part of subcontractors, staff  or any other party.

    3. Failure to handle, store, install or maintain the products in accordance with the Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Instruction Manual and normal prudent trade practice.
    4. Incorporation into or use in connection with materials manufactured by any other parties.
  5. Faulty products must be returned for inspection. Freight costs are to be paid by the purchaser.
  6. All freight charges for any replacement products or parts are the responsibility of the customer.
  7. If products or parts are replaced in satisfaction of this warranty obligation, the above warranty will apply to the replacement parts only for the duration of the unexpired portion of the original warranty.
  8. GTS Tyre Equipment will not be held responsible for additional charges of fixing any products or replacement parts arising from the replacement products.
  9. GTS Tyre Equipment will not recognize any claim under warranty unless accompanied by the original invoice and the claim has been made within one month of the defect coming to your attention.
  10. This warranty is given in substitution of any other warranty relating to products supplied by GTS Tyre Equipment  which may be implied by law or which may have been given to you by any officer, employee or agent of GTS Tyre equipment and issued or which may be comprised in any representation made to you whether before or after that time.
  11. The specifications stated in the Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Instruction Manual are not binding on GTS Tyre Equipment.  We reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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